Rats can breed quickly all year round if they have a steady food and water supply.



  • They can cause extensive damage, fires and flooding in your property due to their need to gnaw all the time. They will chew through concrete, pipes, cables, soft metal, wood etc.
  • The brown Norwegian rat is the most common rat species found in Britain. Their colouring is usually brownish on the back with a grey underbelly, but can sometimes be white through to black. An adult rat measures between 20 to 50cm from nose to tail. The black rat is smaller than the brown rat, but is rarely found in the UK these days.
  • Rats pose a great threat to public health because they carry and spread a wide assortment of diseases. They also spread parasites such as tapeworms and fleas.
  • Diseases from rats are transmitted to humans via contact with water, food or food preparation surfaces that have been contaminated by rat urine, droppings, feet or fur.
  • Rats usually live underground, commonly nesting in drains and sewers, but will settle anywhere with a food supply and a warm undisturbed nesting environment. This can unfortunately include your home, garden, garage, shed, basement or warehouse.
  • Signs of a rodent infestation include droppings, footprints, gnaw marks (on cables, foods, hard materials etc), gnawed holes, musty/stale odours, noises (squeaking, scratching, rustling), burrowing and greasy looking smear marks along skirting boards or around holes.

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