Glis Glis

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  • Glis Glis, edible or fat dormouse are a non-native species of rodent that were introduced into the wild from a private zoo in Tring Park in 1902. They have since spread into an area of the Chilterns forming a triangle from Luton to Aylesbury to Beaconsfield.
  • They look like a small grey squirrel with a black ring around the eye, and are nocturnal. They are active from April to October with the rest of the year spent hibernating.
  • One of their preferred habitats is the loft space of houses where they can cause substantial damage and possible fires by gnawing woodwork, pipes, lagging and electrical cables. Because they are nocturnal, one of the first signs you may have of their presence in your house is noises coming from the loft at night.
  • The Glis Glis can be very intrusive, more so than squirrels and will often explore areas of the home such as kitchens and other rooms where they leave their droppings.
  • Glis glis are protected under Section 11 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 which places restrictions on who can trap them and how.
  • In order to control glis glis you must be licenced by Natural England.
  • Spearhead Pest Control hold a current “Class licence to trap Edible (or Fat) Dormice, Glis glis (also known as Myoxus glis)”

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