Foxes can cause damage to gardens, lawns and can attack pets.

  • Foxes are now a regular occurrence in most cities and towns in the UK and for people who keep small pets such as rabbits or poultry they can be a real concern. Great care should be taken that animal enclosures are completely fox proof.
  • Foxes know that humans are a good source of food, and because they are natural scavengers, have taken the opportunity to live closer to us, and the ample source of food we supply.
  • Feeding these animals may cause them to venture closer to human habitations and enter properties through cat-flaps or open garden doors, although they are naturally timid creatures and try to avoid both adults and children.
  • For this reason, it is not advisable to purposely put out food for them to eat. In our towns and cities, discarded take-aways and inadequate rubbish disposal provide them with more than enough to eat.
  • Foxes are territorial creatures and dislike their territory being disturbed. They like to forage for worms and insect larvae, but they also like to dig dens in which to raise their litter. These can be under your shed!
  • Spearhead Pest Control can help you with your fox problem by employing deterrents and proofing measures where possible.

If you have noticed holes appearing in your flower beds or lawns, then foxes may be moving in! Call us for help.

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