Fleas are parasitic insects which feed on blood

  • It is an unfortunate fact that our household pets can introduce unwanted pests into our homes. The “cat flea” and the “dog flea” are the most common domestic flea species. Therefore, it is important to ensure that all pet bedding is washed as often as possible.
  • Fleas can also be introduced by rats, just to make their presence even more disturbing, and throughout history have transmitted terrible diseases such as the bubonic plague!
  • Fleas can jump over 30cm, which is what makes it easy for them to pass from pet to human.
  • Infestations can be identified by your pet scratching themselves more than usual, shiny white oval eggs and tiny black droppings in your pet’s fur, sightings of the fleas themselves, and itchy red bites usually on the lower legs of humans.
  • Fleas are brownish in colour, and about 3mm in length.
  • They can lay dormant for up to three months without feeding, so even if a house has been unoccupied for a long period, fleas can still be present in the property.
  • Many people attempt DIY flea infestation removal. The pet should always be treated first as they are the main food source, but “off the shelf” products for treating the house can be ineffective and a waste of money.
  • Spearhead Pest control use professional grade insecticides to end your flea problem.

Call us as soon as you spot fleas in your home, as they breed very fast and the infestation can escalate quickly!

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