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  • The main species of cockroach found in the UK are the smaller brown German Cockroach and the larger black Oriental Cockroach. They are very resilient insects.
  • Cockroaches are responsible for the spread of diseases such salmonella, E-coli, dysentery and polio. They also contaminate products and food with their constant foraging, and will eat any organic matter.
  • They also pose a risk for allergy sufferers and asthmatics who can have a reaction to their saliva, faeces and body parts.
  • Cockroaches spread disease to humans via faeces and ‘smears’ on foods and surfaces. The harmfulness of the diseases they can spread means that they pose a major health hazard.
  • Business outlets involving food are most at risk from cockroach infestations as Environmental Health Officers will close you down if they discover these pests on your premises.
  • If not dealt with quickly a cockroach infestation can rapidly spread to other properties and premises.

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