We only treat bees when it is completely necessary.

It is commonly thought that Bees are a protected species. This is not true, and they can be re-located or treated if they are causing a concern.

Bees are generally quite docile insects, and the majority of bee species won’t cause any problems for humans unless they feel threatened. They only sting as a last resort as the act of stinging is fatal to the Bee.


Despite this, there are times when bees can become pests. Some examples are:

  • If the bees are coming into your home and you have young children.
  • If you have allergies which mean that a bee sting could be fatal to you.
  • If there is a build-up of honey, which has been known to make ceilings fall in.
  • If the bees are swarming.


We only treat bees when it is completely necessary, and they cannot be safely re-located.

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