Bed bugs

It is crucial to treat bedbugs early, before they take over!

  • Bed bugs are brought into a house on clothing, in luggage or on second hand clothing or furniture.
  • They can be picked up in Hotels, hostels, public transport, or any other infested location.
  • Once they are in they start to breed and feed on their only food source. Blood! This can be yours or a pet, they aren’t fussy.
  • Due to the name “bed bug”, many people make the mistake of assuming that if you throw out your bed, you will get rid of your bed bug problem. This is not the case. They will lurk in any room that a food source rests in for a period long enough for them to feed.
  • Bed bugs (and their eggs) will hide in any crack or small space, including bedsteads, carpets, skirting boards, picture frames, electrical fittings, wallpaper edges and most types of furniture.
  • Their bites leave a patch or trail of red marks on the skin.
  • They are tiny creatures, measuring roughly 5mm long when fully grown and are identifiable by their flattened red/brown oval shape, similar to a lentil.
  • As they generally hide during the day, their presence can often be quite difficult to spot in its early stages. If you find a patch or trail of red bite marks on your skin or tiny black dots are found in the seams of a mattresses, bed bugs may be present.
  • We use only professional grade treatments and techniques to eradicate this most unpleasant problem.

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